Saturday, May 5, 2007

My favorite sports

It is almost the middle end of summer. I am having a great time playing our favorite sports Basketball with my 3 brothers and neighbor we used to play it in the GYM near in our place but when my brother Jared 2nd to the youngest was accident. We are not allowed anymore to go in GYM so my uncle Jerry made us a small court in the backyard of our neighbor. We started in the morning until in the afternoon. We only take a break for lunch. My mother and aunties sometimes were mad at us because were are stubborn to sleep in the afternoon. Kids as we are wants always play and play.

I thank my mommy tata ( carlota) for making my blog. She was the one who finished all because my auntie Glorie is lazy doing this. She love more chatting than anything else. Her face is always in the computer. We never had time also to use and play in the computer. I asked her before to create but it took here a couple of months. I asked my mommy tata to continue. I am so happy.

My reason i made a blog because i see my auntie Glorie viewing her blog and others. I see nice blog but i cannot read all because we have time limit using the computer, my auntie Glorie says. I like to meet different people also. I have my friendster also.

im having fun playing

My brother Jared and Jeruh

They love picture

I am the winner


glorie said...

hehehe...naa na jud ka blog ha..segi explore and welcome here!:)

Vicki said...

wow nice blog, Japheth, oo winner gyd ka cute pa gyd kaayo...

pasagdai lang na umo 'Tante glorie, kay bc na ug pangita ug imong Uncle

adto na lang ni mommy mo carlota kay very kind and industrious kaayo, walay reklamo, molo n moro

Ay diay, iapil nya ko diri ha? imo Lola sa Buddies nimo, ok?

tua na pod ka sa akong balay, basta ring ra, kay dia gadampoog ning Chocolate diri para nimo, gusto ba ni nimo or unsa man imo gusto....

ari na imo lola Bonbon.....bye

ayo-ayo diha, basin mahulog

Vicki said...

hi dong japhet,

oo uy, duna kay chocolate diri, hapita ra, kung layoan ka, sagdi lang pohon mauli ko diha, kuhaon tikaw ug suroy ta sa SM,OK?
dayon kuha ka sa imo gusto, basta dili lang AWTO ha?

kana ra maabot ni Antie Vk mo, ok?
tapos kaon ta sa, asa man imo gusto?
MacDo or bisan asa, basta ayaw lang sa Hyatt Hotel Restaurant, kay di pod kaya Auntie nimo, ok?

Tinood ni, ayaw kalimti, dool ra ta diha, sigi mi anha Cebu, basta mauli mi, kay dagkot man mi sa Sto, Nino gyd before balik diri imo Tante, ok?

Sigi, ayo-ayo diha, hala sakto na imo sigi basa-basa diri sa Internet ...avid reading mayo na sa imoa.....

bye and regards to papa n mama n igsoon nimo diha.........


Carlota said...

why man naa dira si julie? hahaha....the little ones just look like julie when she was little but you guys have a lighter skin than her. na karon mora na jud ug monkey miitom na gyud siya ug maau sa kainit diri pero lipay man siya. mao man sab iya ampay na magpa itom kung summer. suya na gani ko.

mobiline said...

auntie na suya ka sa kay gi human na ni momy.bwehe

mobiline said...

auntie Vk salamat. segi mag paabot ko diri. maski asa basta jollibee.hehe

mobiline said...

momy, grabe na diay ka itom si julie? parehas sila ug nawong n jeruh pagkabata julie? mag cousin man gud.hehe

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Nita said...

wow cute blog. first ko ko naka visit dire.

by the way, another bisdak add naman ako two blogs. Na add naka naku...

Raja said...

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